Preparations, Preparations, and more Preparations for Semana Santa 2017

There is not a better time to visit Seville than in the spring. This is when Seville, the Andalusian capital, truly comes to life: the sun is shining, the smell of orange blossoms fills the air, and the skies are bright blue. Spring time also means festivals for Seville, including Semana Santa and Fería de Abril (which is in May this year).

As ‘Nazareno’ figurines are starting to be sold in stores throughout the city, that means Semana Santa 2017 is just upon us. When is Semana Santa? It starts Sunday, April 9 and goes until Sunday, April 16, 2017. While this is my first Semana Santa in Seville, I have quite high expectations. The city prepares for this special event well in advance, as there are thousands and thousands of visitors and tourists. It is vital that the city is at its peak during Semana Santa, which is why this is the perfect time to make a trip here.

‘Nazareno’ figurines in the sweet bakery of Los Angeles.

To prepare, I have noticed that city workers are making finishing touches on the official routes where the procession takes place in the center. The theatre style seating is also starting to be set up along the main areas of the processionals. These seats are booked well in advance by visitors, which is why so much attention is placed on this tradition. The local Catholic groups called the ‘Cofradías’ work tirelessly to prepare for this Holy Week as well, making sure the floats and the historic figures gracing them are rightfully preserved. They are also responsible for sewing the costumes for the Virgin Mary figures in the processionals.


Theatre style seating construction in preparation for Semana Santa 2017.

I have heard Seville is the top venue for Semana Santa celebrations, which is the reason for all of this preparation. From the last candle that will grace the Virgin’s float, everything must be planned perfectly. Stay tuned tomorrow with advice for tourists traveling to Seville for this exceptional Holy Week.



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